Stern Weber S380TRC Integrated Treatment Centre

Article by 
Bruce Deane
April 10, 2021

he S380TRC integrated treatment centre features the latest technologies, ergonomics and functions developed by Stern Weber. Equipped as you wish with the most advanced hygiene systems, dynamic instruments, on-board multimedia system, latest-generation operating lamps and everything you need for implantology and endodontics, all managed via the touchscreen control panel.

The Cutting Edge

All the elements used for endodontic treatment - including the brushless micromotor, apex locator, databases with most of the commercially available endocanalar burs and the ENDO control mode - are integrated into the S380TRC electronics and control software. During endodontic treatment, the display provides key data on a dedicated, user-friendly display, for an easier, more efficient and faster workflow.

Integrated Implantology

Implantologists are provided with everything needed to perform treatment, significantly speeding up workflows. Moreover, they can use the brushless micromotor, foot control and peristaltic pump incorporated in the dental unit without the workspace becoming obstructed by stand-alone devices.

Compact and Practical

Featuring a modern design that combines a large, easy-to-read display with an ergonomic, easy pick-up instrument layout, the International module provides lightness and easy handling. Thanks to carefully designed instrument holders, all instruments benefit from secure support and are arranged so they can be gripped with ease.

The Perfect Light

The new LED light is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lighting. The colour rendering index (CRI) exceeds 95. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field (from 55 to 85 cm) limit the number of times the dentist has to reposition the lamp during treatment.

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