DÜRR DENTAL Virus-bacteria Filter

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Bruce Deane
March 31, 2021

etrofit to Hygienic Compressed Air Now

99.99995% effect. Switch to hygienic compressed air with our DÜRR DENTAL Virus-bacteria Filter for the Membrane Drying Unit.

Membrane Drying Unit

All Dürr Dental compressors operate with innovative membrane-drying unit and therefore offer an unbeatable benefit: Permanent power availability. As the drying process is based on diffusion through membrane fibre layers, the normal regeneration step of conventional drying processes is eliminated.

  • Permanent power availability, no regeneration times
  • Constant dryness of the compressed air
  • Pressure dew point of ≤ 5°C at 40°C ambient temperature
  • Maintenance-free except for annual filter change

Hygiene Saves Lives

Retrofit to hygienic compressed air now. Contact IWT Dental solutions for further details.

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