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Micro Smart Suction

Micro Smart has proven itself to be the most flexible, reliable and powerful single surgery, variable speed suction system available. It only uses power when required, reducing power consumption and heat generation. There are 3 programs to choose from: Low volume for orthodontics, High volume for conservation procedures, and High power for oral surgery and implantology.

Designed for single surgery use, the compact Smart suction system combines unique, multi-level power and automatic speed control with the most effective cyclone amalgam separator available.

Patented, advanced technology and a remote use keypad enable you to instantly control vacuum and airflow levels, at the touch of a button, from almost anywhere in your surgery. Optimising control can halve the machine’s power usage, significantly reducing running costs and noise, without affecting performance.

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Cattani Micro Smart Suction
Durr Dental

Durr VSA 300

The VSA systems combine vacuum generation and separation in a single compact assembly. Configured with hose lines, connections and a control unit, the VSA 1200 S and VSA 900 S systems simplify integration in every surgery, irrespective of whether they represent a new unit or a modernization measure.

The central suction and separation improves efficiency in comparison to dry systems, as they minimise or even eliminate costs for additional automatic separators.

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Durr VSA 300

DC2 Compressor

Drawing on 30 years experience in oil-less compressor technology, denComp compressors are designed to provide today's demanding dental practice with clean, dry air coupled with simplicity, quality an reliability.

All DenComp dental compressors incorporate a regenerative desiccant dryer. After each completed cycle the dryer purges and the crystals are regenerated. Clean dry air is then stored in the receiver ready for use.

The high performance pump unit uses floating piston technology whilst the use of 4-pole motors halves the running speed used by many other manufacturers.

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DC2 Compressor

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